What The Color Of Your Car Says About You!

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Does the color of the car subconsciously influence your purchase? The vehicle’s body type is a part of the whole psychological spectrum stating that your car is a mirror image of your personality. Color shares a big fraction, and believe it or not, how you choose a color isn’t just about aestheticism. In fact, psychologists say it does have something to do with your personality.

1. White Car

If you are driving a white car, you’re probably someone who values purity above all else. That’s because white is often associated with clarity and sterility – no wonder why wedding cars come in white. It helps you to observe cleanliness and maintain good personal hygiene. On a rather frank note, your white car is a symbol of you telling people to get their “hands off” or “please, avoid staining”.

2. Black Car

Dubbed as a color of class and glamour, black has the reputation for being the official hue of sophistication. Presidential cars come in black, and even the default dress or suit color is black. This is because black, generally, stands for power and authority. If you’re someone who owns a black car, you must be a person of elegance and exclusivity.

3. Red Car

If your car is painted with red, it might have something to do with you always being the bubbly one. Psychologists says that the color red is associated with communicating energy, warmth, and courage. They also believe that the pigment can cause an illusion that anything in red is closer than it actually is. Moreover, red attracts attention as the color is so basic, yet, vibrant enough to attract our eyes. So, don’t be surprised having a lot of attention on you when on the road.

4. Blue Car

Blue is the hue that soothes the mind. It helps us in focusing as the color brings calmness when stared at. The traits often associated with blue include intelligence, trust, logic, coolness, and serenity. Having a blue car means you are an intellectual and calm person who’s honest and compassionate.

5. Green Car

You are someone who values safety above anything else. Since green is the color of nature, your eco-friendly side weighs in on most of your actions. Relaxing beach trips and out-of-town vacations away from the metro are among the activities you love to share with your car.

6. Gray Car

Found in between the gradient of black and white, gray is seen as a neutral color. This is how it earned its title of being a practical color that’s easy to pair with a number of other shades. If your car is painted gray, you must be someone who is conservative. You are not a fan of all the attention on the road and would prefer to drive alone, or with a few select friends, most of the time.

7. Yellow Car

This color is often associated with upbeat vibes, thanks to its very vibrant hue that’s warm to the eyes. Yellow is a happy color as it increases the mental activity of an observer, based on studies. Owning a yellow car says a lot about your confidence as a person, someone who has excellent sense of humor.

8. Orange Car

Is your car orange for some reason and you like it that way? Maybe that’s because you possess creativity. We’re not only talking about art but your ability to go against the norm and think outside the box could be the reason why. You must be a person fond of discovering new stuff, and likes underrated places and conversations over a cup of joe.

9. Brown/Bronze Car

Brown is the color associated with the earth. But other than that, it’s a color that communicates stability, reliability, and approachability. If you are behind the wheel of a brown car, chances are you are a friendly person. You are the go-to guy/gal of your buddies, and you never turn down any of them.

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