The Best Cars for Winter Driving

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It’s that time of year again, and if you want to be able to make it safely down to the mall on a snowy Dec 24th to buy that last present you forgot about, you need one of the best cars for winter driving.

The Best Cars for Winter Driving

Best Price: Subaru Impreza

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable budget car good for winter driving, try the Impreza. All of Subaru’s vehicles come with all-wheel drive standard, which makes the Impreza a steal even though you could find cheaper base prices on a different small sedan. Once you add all-wheel or 4WD to that sedan, though, you’re going to reach or even surpass the Impreza base price.

How It Performs

If you put some snow tires on the Impreza, it will be one of the safest cars you could take on the road. It plows through the snow, and you feel connected to the road even taking the curves. You can feel the power going to all four wheels, and it’s easy to make steering adjustments without losing any traction.

Best Ground Clearance: Chevy Tahoe

If you live where the roads don’t get plowed that often, consider the car favored by state troopers nationwide. The Tahoe will get you over nearly any snowdrift you aim at, and it seats seven. If you get the LS model, you can get nine in there (or all your ski supplies). You will pay extra to get the 4WD, though, and you should.

How It Performs

There’s a powerful engine in the Tahoe and 8″ of ground clearance. With the 4WD and some snow tires, you can feel perfectly safe driving it. This is a big, strong vehicle, yet it feels very responsive, even in snowdrifts.

Best for Kids: Honda CR-V

This Honda has won top safety awards, plus it gets 28mpg. If you live in the suburbs and need to be able to get the kids (and their stuff) to school and the grocery store safely, this is your vehicle of choice. We love the Honda not just for snow handling, but combining that with safety, fuel economy, and price.

How It Performs

This is a very safe car to drive in snow, but it does require a little practice to get used to. It basically wants more driver input to tell it what to do, but a few turns around an empty parking lot and you’ll get the hang of it.

Best Gas Mileage: BMW 328d xDrive

If you’re looking for a compact, safe, energy-efficient city car that performs well in winter, the BMW is a great choice. Its fuel-efficient engine produces 180 horsepower and gets 30mpg in the city and 40 on the highway. For a bit extra, you can get the Cold Weather package, which gives you a heated steering wheel and seats–front and back!

How It Performs

The zippy engine in this little car makes it feel even more powerful than it is. Best of all, it has excellent handling and quick, accurate corrections in poor driving conditions. On cramped city roads, surrounded by people who don’t know how to drive in snow, you’ll be glad you sprung for this car.

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