Signs You’re A Bad Driver

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Not parking neatly – it’s not hard to park a car properly, but when a car isn’t, it gets noticed quickly. Not only does this make other motorists furious, you’ll likely annoy pedestrians and could end up being shamed. It’s inconsiderate to others, and you risk damage to your car.

Riding the clutch – this is a sure way to wear out the clutch prematurely. Keep your foot off the clutch unless you’re actually changing gear – you need your foot as a brace.

Taxi stops and Unnecessary stops – know someone with taxi foot? It’s when a driver comes to a halt with lots of brake pressure so the car rocks back on its suspension as you stop. Horrible. The mark of a driver who isn’t observing what’s happening, and then you’re just wasting fuel and brake pads.

Fondling the gear lever – if you’re not actually changing gear, your hand shouldn’t be anywhere near the gear lever. Blokes love this for reasons we’d best not explore. If you think you might need to quickly change gear to deal with an unexpected situation you’ll react with steering wheel and pedals – not the gearshift.

Holding the steering wheel wrong – hold it at a quarter to three (not ten to two) so you have good control, and don’t hook your hands inside the rim as you’ll be injured in the event of an airbag going off.

Following too close – not only can you not react in time to problems but you also can’t see problems developing. You don’t get there any quicker, so settle down and back off.

Bad observation – being surprised by things when you could and should have seen and predicted them from a long way back. Sooner or later you’ll have an accident.

Being distracted – not focusing on the drive is a terribly problem that only seems to be growing, thanks to mobile phones. There’s a reason it’s an offense.

Not improving, and blaming others for everything – Every time you drive you will make mistakes, and you need to recognize them, identify the problem, and improve. Even if it “wasn’t your fault,” ask yourself if you could have done something to avoid the near miss.

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