Pros and Cons of Self-Driving Cars

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Car manufacturers have continued to innovate with features and functions of cars. Will self-driving cars change the world completely, or will they cause us more harm than good? Here is a complete list of pros and cons so that you can form an educated opinion on self-driving cars.



⦁ No Drinking and Driving
Self-driving cars will essentially solve the problem of drinking and driving since robots don’t get drunk. No one thinks that it’s smart to get drunk and drive, but there are many instances where people forget the rule and do it anyway. They may have driven while slight ‘buzzed,’ but it is still wrong to do so. Since robots don’t drink booze, this is a non-issue for them.

⦁ No Distractions
Driving distracted can be the cause of many traffic incidents. You may end up wrecking the car while looking at a text on your phone or sipping your coffee. Robots don’t have such issues since the self-driving car only has to focus on driving.

⦁ Better Attention Spans
People only have an average attention span of eight seconds, which can be bad news while you are driving. You need to have focused attention on the road to make sure no serious accidents occur during this time. If you are fiddling with the radio or seat, you may not notice someone crossing the road or a sudden car appearing. Self-driving cars mean that you can text, do your hair, or read without any consequences.


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