First Speeding Ticket Implications And Options

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Actions have consequences, especially on the road. Exceeding the speed limit can be dangerous and should be avoided. But if you are cited for speeding, the best thing you can do is be prepared for what comes next. You may find yourself asking, “I got a speeding ticket now what?” Once the ticket has been issued, you have options for dealing with it. These include paying the ticket, contesting the ticket, and exploring mitigation through actions like taking a defensive driving course.


1. Your Driving Record



Depending on the severity of the infraction, local statutes, and your previous record, a speeding ticket may result in points on your license or even suspension of your license. Violations that are significantly over the speed limit are more likely to have these effects.



2. Your Insurance Rate



A ticket or points on your driving record can also trigger an increase in your insurance costs. This is because your auto insurance provider may deem you a higher risk to insure.



3. Pay The Ticket



Paying your ticket is viewed as an acceptance of the citation and acknowledgement of responsibility for the violation. Be sure to pay it on time to avoid additional fees and be prepared to accept the subsequent effects, like increased insurance costs.



4. Contest The Ticket



If you wish to fight the ticket, you should be prepared to appear in court. You may also consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. A judge will make a determination based on your defense and the case presented by the officer or prosecutor. In some cases, you may be able to submit a written defense without appearing in court.



5. Explore Mitigation



Mitigation can be a great third option, especially for your first ticket (or first in a long while). Seeking mitigation usually involves admitting guilt for the infraction with an explanation of the circumstances. This can result in a lower ticket amount or extended time to pay the fine, or reduction/elimination of points on your record. You may also be able to attend a defensive driving course in exchange for paying the ticket.


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