Car Cleaning Gadget Ideas

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Have you noticed any recent scratches on your car, and you can’t seem to pinpoint where they came from? It’s probably a result of your latest car wash Sunday. Cleaning your vehicle may sound simple, but a little bit of carelessness can damage the vehicle’s surface. Here are a few car cleaning gadgets that keep the process safe and simple.

1. Bug Sponge

When deep cleaning our cars, we tend to get a little aggressive as we attempt to remove stains. However, not all spots require elbow grease, and some just require the use of the right material.
If you notice bugs and tar stains on the car’s body, you should use a bug sponge to wash them off. It gets out stuck contaminants without damaging the car paint.


2. Lamb Wool Wash Mitt


Here’s a furry looking gadget for your vehicle. The use of brushes, regular towels, and sponges on the car and its body is an absolute no. Instead, you can use a lamb wool mitt to wash the body. It is the perfect amount of soft yet rough to get rid of the dirt and grime without damaging the paint.


3. Waffle Weave Glass Towels

Towels designed for glasses have different fiber lengths than those for the body or for other purposes. Waffle weave glass towels feature special microfibers that absorb the moisture quickly, and the pattern helps remove grub effortlessly.



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