5 Tips to Calm Your Road Rage

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Calm Road Rage with These 5 Tips

Not knowing road etiquettes, breaking the rules and bad driving can cause anger in the calmest of people. However, that anger can sometimes turn into road rage and aggressive driving, which can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. So, take a deep breath, calm yourself and follow these tips to avoid road rage in the future: 


1. Recognize Your Anger


woman expressing anger
recognize your anger

Actually recognizing that you have road rage is a big part of being able to control it. If you are in denial of the fact that you often lose your cool while driving, it would be very difficult to rectify it. The way to realize it starts by hearing others and then hearing yourself; if your friends tell you about it often, you probably have road rage. Once you recognize it, you will also be able to tell when it is coming up, making it easier to control. 


2. Don’t Be in a Rush


businessman rushed for time
Businessman in a hurry

If you leave your house too late, and you are trying to reach your destination in a rush, any kind of delay or setback can be a trigger on the road. This could be as small as someone taking too long at a green light to start moving; this is not something that should cause anger. If you are often finding yourself angry in situations where you are getting late, try leaving your house earlier – this will eliminate that feeling of anxiety that causes road rage when you need to reach your destination in a rush. 


3. Focus on the Journey


Relaxed couple enjoying in the car ride
Relaxed couple enjoying in the car ride.

Focusing on the journey rather than the destination will give you the chance to enjoy the drive rather than treating it as a means to get to your destination. If you focus on the destination, anything that comes in your way will cause anger and aggression. Know that your destination isn’t disappearing, so why not enjoy the ride?


4. Know That It Is Not the End of the World 


woman drver with good attitude
This lady is still smiling after someone cut her off. Good for her!

Yes, it can be very irritating to get cut-off in traffic, and even worse, if someone steals your parking spot, or throws you off-guard by turning without using their blinker; but guess what? It’s not the end of the world! You are still going to continue driving, you can always find another spot and as long as no harm was done, you should move on instead of ruining your day because of someone else.


5. Everyone Makes Mistakes 


who is at fault in this accident?
Two Angry Motorists Arguing Over Responsibility For Car Accident

No driver is perfect. You might think you are the most sensible driver on the road, just like so many of us do, but there was probably a time you cut someone off or parked over the marked lines in a parking lot. That’s because we are human, and we all make mistakes. Most of these are done unintentionally, so extend this other driver the same courtesy you would expect to be given if you made a mistake. 

Bad driving is enraging for most people, but keep in mind that everyone is trying their best and as long as they aren’t hurting you, you should learn to let it go!



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