5 Successful Ways to Travel with a Baby in the Car

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Road trips are fun until you have a baby. Traveling with an infant isn’t easy. It is somewhat stressful. Your baby might not like being tucked in tightly for so long, and they may start throwing tantrums, making your entire trip a massive headache.

Many people avoid traveling with a baby altogether, but sometimes, there is no other option. It could be due to an emergency or an important family gathering. Whatever the situation may be, there are ways that you can make traveling with an infant a lot less stressful and a lot more comfortable. Let’s have a look at how you can make it happen!

1. Have One Person Sit In the Back Seat


Mother in a car, having her little baby girl in a child seat

Traveling with a baby is a lot of work in itself. You’ve to prepare bottles for them every few hours, keep them entertained, change diapers, and put them to sleep. The best way to keep yourself sane during the road trip is to have one person sit with the baby in the back seat who can act as a caretaker. To ensure that you’re well-rested, you should try to get some sleep when the baby sleeps. This way, you’ll feel fresh when it’s your turn to drive, while the other partner can take up their baby care shift in the back seat.


2. Drive at Night


Driving at Night.

Driving at night can be very uncomfortable for many people. The discomfort is still manageable as compared to a baby crying their lungs out while you drive. Driving at night comes with an advantage that your baby will spend most of their time sleeping, and you’ll be able to cover longer stretches without having to take any breaks.


3. Take Frequent Stops


Quick stop for the cute little baby girl

Adults can go several hours without eating or using the bathroom, but babies can’t. Babies don’t like to stay tucked in the car seat for prolonged hours. You should try to make frequent stops when you’re traveling with a baby. Ideally, you should stop after every 1 to 3 hours during daytime and 3 to 6 hours during the night to change the baby’s diaper, stretch your legs, eat something or even change clothes if need be.


4. Avoid Deserted Routes


Autumn sunrise over Bridge

The true essence of road trips is that you can enjoy the scenic beauty while you drive and even stop midway to admire the beauty of nature. However, when you’ve got a baby in your car, you should try to avoid any routes where it might get challenging to get help. Your preferred route should be the one that has 24-hour gas stations, restrooms, easy food access, and service areas. The wisest thing to do is opt for a route that has hotels on the way in case you think you might need to stop and get some real rest.


5. Keep Baby Supplies Handy


Newborn or baby cloth, toys and bottle for feeding.

Packing everything in a large suitcase and traveling with the minimum number of bags is the number one rule for road trips. However, the rules can change a bit when you’re traveling with a baby. To make a road trip with the baby comfortable, you should keep all essential baby supplies handy in a separate bag. You wouldn’t want to stop the car every time you need a wet wipe, diaper, or baby milk. A handy baby kit can really make traveling with a baby less of a hassle!

Traveling with a baby in the car can be fun if you’re well-prepared. It is important that you understand the fact that you can’t expect to enjoy your road trip as much as you did before having a baby. It does not, in any case, imply that your road trips are ruined for good. You can still have the best time if you know the right ways to go about it!


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