5 Coolest Concept Cars Showcased for 2020

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Coolest Concept Cars
Coolest Concept Cars


Every year, the biggest car companies in the world come together to show off the coolest concept cars for that year. 2020. is no different since car companies truly brought their A-game this season.  Here are 5 concept cars that really caught our attention.


1. Audi Q4 E-Tron


280 miles of range, twin electric motors, and a total power output of 225 kW


Our image of an electric car may be a spaceship-like model, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. The Audi Q4 E-Tron proves this in every sense of the word. Of course, it is anything but boring either. The car sports a compact and practical SUV design and takes the world of electric cars in a fascinating new direction. Audi wants to become an electric car manufacturer, and this car takes them one step closer to achieving their goals. 


2. Cupra Formentor Concept


It has the looks of a crossover, but rides low to the ground like a car. This hybrid car boasts boast a plug-in electirc and gas engine


Cupra is an emerging performance brand that has wowed many car enthusiasts and critics with their innovative designs. On their first anniversary, they launched the Formentor concept of their first-ever SUV design. The audience at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show was pleased with the performance-oriented machine. This sharp-suited car is a magnificent hybrid powerhouse. 


3. Fiat Centoventi EV Concept


Inexpensive, electic, and customizable. This concept car look like alot of fun!


Fiat’s Panda model has always been held in high regard by the international community. Their new design, the Centoventi EV, is a newer, improved version of the Panda lineup. It’s a highly customizable car that is simply too cute. The electric car comes with insane modular battery packs that are perfect for 100-500 km/h. It’s definitely one of the coolest concept cars of 2020! 


4. GFG Style Kangaroo


GFG Style Kangaroo Lifted Electric Supercar Packs 483 HP.


The GFG Style Kangaroo is one of the most unique cars on this list. It definitely doesn’t look like an SUV but is a Sports Utility Vehicle in every sense of the word. The car has adjustable suspension and is a sporty model. If you’re planning on taking it off-road, it will give you a maximum ground clearance of an insane 260mm. The all-electric car has amazing front splitters that improve the approach angles for the car by retracting. You’ll be able to manage big obstacles with enough torque to get you through anything! 


Dash of GFG Concept Car


Fully electric sports car with gullwing doors and all-wheel steering.



5. Honda e Prototype


Adorable looks and promise of small, characterful all-electric driving


The Honda e Prototype is for people who are fans of compact, old-school cars. This concept will definitely evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. It is a premium car with an innovative electric runabout. It has a range of 200km, which can get you pretty far without having to recharge it continuously. There are plenty of premium features that are sure to please car enthusiasts, including retractable door handles, a 3-screen infotainment system, and ORVM-replacing cameras. It drives and looks like a regular Honda car, according to the company. 

Most of the coolest concept cars of 2020 revolve around electric prototypes. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone as all car manufacturers are striving to take the car industry into a new age of sustainable driving.  


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