4 Safety Tips When Driving at Night

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There are people who enjoy driving at night and get a great kind of thrill out of it primarily because the roads are generally less busy and crowded at nighttime and the weather is quite pleasant. However, ironically enough, the majority of fatal road accidents occur at night as opposed to during the day, and the probability is almost three times higher in the former case.

Driving at night is also quite risky because our peripheral vision and the ability to see colors properly are greatly compromised in low-light conditions. Other than that, we tend to be a lot more tired at night than in the morning or evening, for instance.

If you have a night job and are bound to drive at night in any case, the most you can do is exercise caution and care while driving.
Here are some useful safety tips to reduce the risk of road accidents and to keep you safe when you are on the road.

1. Drive Slow


Goes without saying, avoid fast and reckless driving, especially at night time in order to avoid any kind of problem on the road. Even if the roads are empty, drive at a moderate speed, not too fast and nor too slow.
Most nighttime driving fatalities are believed to occur due to high-speeding cars, in which case the driver already has a shorter reaction time and reduced visibility.
So, make sure to adjust your speed accordingly to save yourself as well as others from harm.


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