2021 Ford Bronco: The Return Of A Legend

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Ford is back again into the 2021 markets, adding another model to its much-acclaimed Bronco series of off-road SUVs.  

The vehicle is being released in two variants – standard and sports edition i.e., 2021 Ford Bronco and 2021Ford Bronco Sport. Both models are built with keeping in mind the critical factor of outdoor activities, i.durability. 

The Ford has elevated the toughness and the style to the next level with the all-new Bronco series, aiming to compete with the SUV in the market like Jeep and Land Rover. 

Each variant has several models for you to choose from. Each model is designed, keeping in mind the needs of all off-road terrains while maintaining the integrity of the original base model. With over 300 Ford accessories to choose from, you have the liberty to customize each car to match your best preference. 

Let us look at the exclusive features that Ford promises to offer with its latest launches of the legends. 

Touch From The Past 

Ford heavily invests in banking on the popularity and the fan-base of the original Bronco series, which was in run-up till the late nineties. Hence, adding the new features on the block has retained some of the original flavors to maintain the original classic and cool retro heritage. 

The one-piece horizontal grill ending with the round headlight on either side is one of the original classic Bronco’s prominent features. 

Apart from it at the top of the fender, there is a tiny fin-like extension, a design retained from the original. These prominent features help the driver to get a better estimation of the vehicle’s corners, which comes very handy during the off-road. 

The dash also gives off a nostalgic feeling with Bronco scripted on the passenger side, quite similar to the last models of Bronco released in the nineties. 

2021 Ford Bronco

Ford has upgraded the Bronco, giving it the entire rustic and giant frame, making it a must-have for the off-riders. 

Apart from the basic detailing and the smart planning to be the best companion for off-roading, the feature that stands out the most is the removability of things. The doors are removable, the roof is removable, the handholds are removable, and so is the fender. Everything that comes with torque is movable and can be replaced by anything upgraded of your choice or be removed to maximize space in the vehicle.

The 2021 Ford Bronco itself comes in two doors or four-door variants for all seven models, while the 2021 Bronco Sport comes in a four-door variant with four available models. The two-door model has seating for four, while the four-door ones have room for five. 

Bronco is an SUV model with a body on frame. With its build similar to that of a pickup truck, it has better off-roading potential than the crossover SUVs. 

The Bronco Sport is a standardized crossover SUV, giving you the best on-road and off-road experience. 

Features-Bronco 2021 

  1. With a subtle approach, break-over and departure angle, the new Bronco can handle all types of terrains that you will be facing in your off-road expeditions, be it steep climbs or sharp drops.
  2. It boasts a proper ground clearance of 8.4 inches in the base model, which can go up to 11.6 inches if you use 36-inch tires. The water fording is said to be 33.5 inches. 
  3. The Bronco will be launched with two engines, one with 270 horsepower and the other with 310 horsepower. It comes with Ford’s automatic, ten-speed transmissions. However, the base transmission will be seven-speed manual transmissions. It is only available on base four-cylinder engines. One of the seven is a dedicated crawl gear, which can be used in extreme conditions where we require high torque and low speed, which we often face in off-road driving.
  4. The terrain management system promises to go over any type (GOAT). Be it the icy or sandy terrains. The standard model comes with five driving modes, which can be raised to eight if you choose the Badlands model. The drive modes available in the standard version are Normal, Sand, Slipper, Eco, and Sport. In the Badland model, we get two additional modes and one replacement of the Sport mode. They are Mud/Ruts, Rock Crawl, and Baja, respectively. All these models vary slightly to give you the best experience in each of the terrains.
  5. In models with automatic transitions, you can also benefit from Trail Control, which is driver induced. It helps in steering through the terrains quickly.
  6. In ten-speed transmission, you can also get Trail Turn Assist, which helps you for a faster and smooth drive over rough terrains.
  7. A look at the description of the models highlights Apple Carplay and Android Auto in the standard version of the base model. Also, you can have FordPass Connect.
  8. The engines are available in 2.3L or 2.7L EcoBoost. It has a standard 4×4 or four-wheel drive, which gives it the best off-road performance.
  9. It uses a standard four-cylinder engine.
  10. The doors are easy to remove as they are fitted on by a single large hinge. An additional handlebar makes it comfortable to lift it. 
  11. An additional upgrade referred to as Sasquatch is available in the Bronco series. This package upgrades your tires to 35-inch Beadlock capable wheels and other pecks.
  12. The seatings are vinyl waterproof. Moreover, the interior is fitted with integrated drains. So you can wash off the dirt without much hassle. 

Models – Bronco Sport

There are models in this.

      1. Base 
      2. Big Bend
      3. Black Diamond
      4. Outer Banks
      5. Badlands
      6. Wildtrak
      7. First Edition 

The first edition boasts of having the best of each Bronco model, thus being the best and the ultimate Bronco. 

How does it compete with the Wrangler?

The all-new Bronco is an all upgraded version of the Wrangler. It competes and outweighs in every category, be it exterior or interior. Though Wrangler is the staple and by far the best in the off-road section, Bronco is undoubtedly giving it a fierce competition. 


    1. When Speaking of the exterior, both the vehicles come with removable doors. But Bronco makes it possible to store the doors at the back. Hence if you experience unfavorable conditions, you just have to put them back, unlike in wrangler where you have no provision to take them with you. 
    2. The mirrors are attached to the windshield. Therefore when you take off the doors, you still have the mirrors, unlike Wrangler.
    3. Bronco gives a completely open-air view without the hindrance of the central bar on the roof. 


    1. Bronco has a keyless entry system as standard, whereas Wrangler has it as optional.
    2. The factory size of the screen is much bigger than that of the wrangler.
    3. Bronco provides a 360° angle view. 


    1. The crawl ratio is much higher.
    2. It comes with a seven-speed manual or ten-speed automatic, whereas Wrangler has a six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic. 

If you want to look for a more detailed comparison, check out CJ Off-Road’s video. 

Features –Bronco Sport 

It is your crossover SUV, with a touch of the legendary past. Based on a similar design, the Sport is a four-door compact SUV.

    1. There are two engines. The standard one is 1.5L, which can be upgraded to 2L.
    2. It has the standard four-wheel drive.
    3. Has a higher ground clearance than its competitors. It also has water fording of 23.6 inches.
    4. It also features all the driving modes except the Baja one. That is, the standard has the five, and the badland model has an additional two.
    5. There is a camera angle of 180° split view, which increases your visibility in the terrains.
    6. Presence of flip-up rear glasses.
    7. It has eight-speed automatic transitions, which is standard. 

Models – Bronco Sport 

There are five models in this.

    1. Base
    2. Big Bend
    3. Outer Banks
    4. Badlands
    5. First Edition

The first edition boasts of having the best of each Bronco model, thus being the best and the ultimate Bronco. 


The base price for the Bronco (two doors) starts from $28,500, and the high end costs $59,305.

The base price for the Bronco (four doors) starts from $33,200, and the high end costs $63,500.

The price for the base levels is in line with the others in the market; however, for the premium versions, a significant disparity in the cost can be seen. 

The base price for the Bronco Sport starts from $26,660, and the high end one, i.e., First Edition, costs $38,500.  

So summing up, the all-new Ford, is a watch out vehicle. Hence if you are planning to buy one, be sure to check out the Bronco series and be a part of the Bronco family. 


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