10 Coolest Mom Cars On The Road Now

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When you think of “Mom Cars” you may automatically think of a frumpy Minivan, or Station Wagon – and that’s understandable. “Mom Car” and “cool” aren’t usually words that people put together. But if you appreciate great automotive design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, this is the list for you! Here are some swoon-worthy mom rides, that can fit into any family’s budget.


1. Coolest Budget-Friendly Small SUV


Don’t think a Mini Cooper can be a family car? Check out the Mini Countryman, and it just may change your mind. You can still fit into a compact parking space, but your family doesn’t have to be. It is very similar to the Mini Cooper, but with 4 doors and all wheel drive. This little gem is rated at 24mpg city and 32mpg highway, for a combined 27mpg average. Coolest colors: All of them (because you can customize the body, roof, and hood design, if you choose to).

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